Powering Our Tomorrow

A Practical Guide to Installing and Using Renewable Energy in Schools

Welcome to the comprehensive handbook, “Powering Our Tomorrow,” designed to equip schools with the knowledge and guidance they need to embrace renewable energy solutions. With 12 informative chapters, this handbook will walk you through the world of renewable energy, specifically focusing on solar power, its benefits, installation, maintenance, and much more. Whether you are a school administrator, teacher, or simply curious about sustainable energy, this guide will empower you to make informed decisions about implementing renewable energy systems in your school. “Powering Our Tomorrow” is your go-to resource for understanding, implementing, and reaping the benefits of renewable energy in educational settings. We hope this guide empowers you to take the necessary steps toward a sustainable and eco-conscious future for your school. Feel free to explore each chapter at your own pace, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance on your renewable energy journey. Together, we can create a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow for our schools and our planet.

List of chapters in the handbook:

01 What is renewable energy? What is solar energy and why is it important today?
02 What are the renewable and non-renewable sources of energy?
03 How does renewable energy reach our homes and schools – how does the technology work?
04 Why should my school opt for renewable energy?
05 Does my school have the potential to install solar panels?
06 How much will it cost to install and run a solar power system in my school?
07 What kind of help does the government offer if my school opts for renewable energy?
08 What are the agencies and companies that I can turn to for installation?
09 How and where should solar panels be installed?
10 How can the school maintain the solar panels?
11 Which battery works best and what should be taken into account when choosing a battery?
12 Are there examples of schools that have opted for renewable energy and made a difference?

Glossary and abbreviations

English Powering our tomorrow
हिंदी उज्ज्वल ऊर्जा भविष्य की ओर