GSP Air Pollution Seminar 2019-20

CSE’s Green Schools Programme organized Seminar forGSP schools: Air Pollution and Health Impact on Children on August 21-22, 2019, at Anil Agarwal Environmental Training Institute (AAETI), Alwar (Rajasthan) and CSE Office, Delhi. The seminar’s objective was to sensitize schools on mobility and clean air. It included classroom sessions and activities on the first day and field excursion on the second day.

CSE’s Green Schools Programme (GSP) consists of six sections, on which the schools do an Audit of their respective schools. In previous years, schools which successfully submitted the GSP Audit were invited as they were already familiar with the air section – an integral part of the Audit. GSP enables the school community to examine the air it breathes, minutely and scientifically. It also helps the school assess the impact of its commuting practices and other systems have on the atmosphere. The main objective was to assist schools to evolve and adopt the least polluting way of life. Through the seminar, we moved towards taking a collaborative step to mark the urgency in action.

India is home to 15 of the world’s 20 worst polluted cities. As per CSE, life expectancy in India has gone down by 2.6 years due to deadly diseases caused by air pollution.

In line with the UN’s theme for this year’s World Environment Day – Beat Air Pollution, the seminar for the educator community involved discussion on various issues and solutions relating to air pollution, such as monitoring stations, mobility practices, and trends, etc. There were activities on understanding air quality, mapping exercise, etc. There was also a day of a field visit to CPCB. The ambient air quality monitoring station at ITO helped the participants in understanding the process of monitoring which is both automated and manual. The visit to CPCB head office was a learning experience for all and establish the link between theory and practice.

We hope to keep the dialogue on air pollution going. The documents, collaterals and photographs related to the Seminar are up for download from this page.

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GSP Survey on Air pollution and Health for schools
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