What Can I Do?

The GSP (Green Schools Programme) aims to provide school students an opportunity to learn about environment not by memorizing yet another text book, but by ‘doing’. As a teacher, there are many things you can do to grow your knowledge about the environment, such as:

Study The Knowledge Bank

The Knowledge Bank comprises information and tips for schools to adopt green practices which not only inculcates healthy practices but provides tangible benefits in the long run. For example, following the GSP audit, a school in Delhi introduced solar panels resulting in 12% decrease in electricity billing. Another school (in Chattisgarh) increased the amount of waste water they reuse from 9000 litres to 22,240 litres. These are just but a few examples of schools who brought about change.

Join The Green Schools Network

The Green Schools Network is a conglomeration of schools that have participated in the GSP audit or attended a training workshop organized by the GSP team or invited the GSP team to interact with your students, etc. As a teacher, you can convince your school to join the network and gain from the experience and association with other like-minded schools. There are no fees for joining the network and all it takes is to fill out the online registration form. Its that simple!!

Convince Your School To Take the GSP Audit

Our track record shows that most of the GSP participants have opted to repeat the audit process year after year. Clearly, the objective has been not just to win the Green Schools Award, but to gauge if they have been able to improve their score cards and become better managers of environment. This is a very significant trend. It proves that schools, as a community, can play a tremendously important role in
GSP’s primary challenge has been to provide the students an opportunity to learn about environment not by memorizing yet another text book, but by ‘doing’. So during the past years, all those who participated in this programme, came out of the classrooms to do various things—count, weigh, measure, explore, investigate, and analyse.

So in a subtle manner, the audit’s thought provoking and hands-on tasks introduce the concept of environment to students and its importance for our survival and growth.

Participate in the Green Schools Workshops

We conduct workshops for teachers, educators, students, and essentially all those who are interested in environment education. Participants are guided through different modules of the Green Schools Programme Manual, to enable them to bring about green changes on the school campus and monitor them. During the workshops, best practices of green changes that have been brought about by schools are shared with the participants, and we invite both internal and external experts as speakers to our workshops.