Community Portal

The Community Portal of Green Schools Programme (GSP) is live again! The community portal is an online hangout place for students and is a fun platform designed to connect all those who are concerned about the environment and want to make a difference. All you have to do is register and be a part of the green community. It’s open and it’s free.

The portal will help you to share your thoughts, ideas and green practices with your friends and classmates and inspire them to learn from you and you to learn from others and put your thoughts into action.

Who Can Join?

Any school student residing in India! It doesn’t matter where you live in India or which school you go to. The Community Portal is open to all students who want to enrich their lives and improve our environment by sharing ideas and taking concrete action.

Why Join?

In the present scenario, most of our environmental issues go neglected, and we fail to form connections between our actions and its impact on the environment. Have you made the connection of emissions from human activities to climate change? Or understood that extreme weather events, rising sea-levels and so on are consequences of climate change? If you believe in the conservation of the environment and ensure, on a regular basis, that you do not abuse what has been provided to us, then this community is the perfect place to announce their actions.

Not only will you be recognized for your actions, the awareness you spread through the community will encourage your schoolmates and friends to follow in your footsteps. If you feel you are not contributing enough to this cause, go through the checklist provided and start practicing the simple ideas that have been listed. You will be surprised to learn that some of your daily habits and activities do qualify as a green practice.

What’s the Goal?

This community’s goal is to spread environmental awareness on an individual level. Have you ever wondered how green you are as an individual? Do you take initiatives towards a clean environment in your personal life now that you have been at home because of COVID 19? Do you switch off appliances or use solar-powered appliances? Do you segregate and separately dispose of your household waste?

How Easy Is It to Use?

The site has been designed such that it is easy-to-navigate, interactive and feature-rich. You can post pictures of you taking part in green activities, latest news about new practices, fun facts or trivia to make the community vibrant and drive environmental consciousness. The portal will help you to share your thoughts, ideas and green practices with your friends and classmates and inspire them to learn from you and you to learn from others and put your thoughts into action.

On the community website, you can spread your green ideas, update your peers on your latest green activity, post, share, like and even comment. Each member will be the keeper of the website. It is with active engagement from each of you that the GSP community portal will come alive and progress towards our common goal of saving the environment.

Rewards System and Green Points

The community portal rewards you with “Green Points” for your various actions you perform – both online and offline. A few simple ways of scoring points include the following:

  • Declare your green activity
  • Support your activity with evidence, such as a picture or a video or a document
  • Become an active participant of the online community by commenting, interacting and implementing ideas shared by others
  • Start discussions on green issues or contribute to them
  • Nominate your friends and schoolmates to join the community

To give you an example: If you upload evidence that you are using reusable/cloth masks to protect yourself from COVID 19 to minimize the burden on landfills, you gain 200 points. If you have planted saplings as a green initiative and the trees have survived, then all you need to do is find the activity in the list provided on the website, upload a picture of them and you get 100 points! Yes, it is that simple! If you post a comment on the forum, you will be awarded with 50 points! Thus, for every such green practice you share, you get rewarded, which helps you to build your green profile in the community. You can keep track of the number of points you have gained, your current position and rank on your profile.

Once you complete all the activities listed on the website, you and your friends will be able to see if you are truly a green warrior! You have a maximum of one  month to complete all the activities listed on the portal. Why have we given you one month? Because there may be some activities that you have never done before, and you can plan ahead.

Join the Revolution Now?

Visit the community portal registration page and fill out the form, you will receive an email to complete your registration and join the community. It’s that easy! How do I know I have completed all the activities?

The goal is to reach 10,000 points, and the dashboard on your left will show the progress of yours and your friends’ activities. Also, the field will turn completely green –  for points earned, trash will be cleared from your very own field! So hurry, start clearing the trash from your playfield.