Audit Process

Once you have registered for the audit, you will receive a link and credentials via email to complete the audit. To complete the audit, you will need to compile information regarding your school which requires formation of teams and performing of certain tasks within your school.

Formation of Audit Teams

The first step of the programme is setting up of audit teams or teams which would assess or audit the school’s environmental practices. Separate teams can be formed for the six components of the Programme. An ideal team would be a mixture of 5-10 students, one teacher coordinator, and administrative staff, whose help you would require in doing the audit. All the audit work will have to be done by the students, while teachers and other staff will act as advisors and facilitators.

Learn and Teach

Once the audit teams are identified and every member is clear about his or her role, arrange a GSP Flag off ceremony. Here the entire school community engaged in the programme meets and discusses the plans.

  • Let each audit team explain – what is its agenda and what are the actvities planned? How are they going to be conducted?
  • Introduce the administrative and support staff to the students and vice-versa
  • Invite the Principal for the ceremony.

This way, you need not waste time answering queries everytime you embark on an activity. Everyone will be aware of the programme and its agenda. They will learn as you learn.