• Air


    Subodh Public School Airport, Jaipur, Rajasthan: The school does not use diesel and petrol. 98% population uses sustainable or non-polluting modes of travel. More than 50% of the energy demand is met by solar energy, the school has hired electric vehicles for a pollution-free commute.

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  • Energy


    Dr. Rajendra Prasad Kendriya Vidyalaya, New Delhi: The entire school campus runs on solar energy. The school does not own any vehicles and more than 95% population uses sustainable or non-polluting modes of travel. The school only uses LEDs and over 50% of its site area is green.

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  • Food


    Shiv Nadar School, Noida, UP: There is a complete ban on the distribution of packaged food on campus. Seasonal vegetables are grown organically and used for mid-day meals. All the wet waste is composted within the premises, and food wastage is tracked every day to devise solutions and practices.

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  • Land


    GSSS Himgiri, Chamba, HP: The school campus hosts over 150 plant species and 50 animal species. 10 KG of compost is generated every month which is used to maintain the green area. The last batch of water from dishwashing is used for gardening to ensure the judicious use of resources.

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  • Water


    India has the second highest population in the world but only 4 per cent of the world’s fresh water. To avert the massive water crisis, what we need today are sustainable and efficient water practices.

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  • Waste


    Christ Academy CBSE School, Bengaluru, Karnataka: The school segregates waste into more than four categories. Only two or three-dustbin waste collection points are installed in the school that ensure segregation at source. Over 14 KG of biogas is produced monthly from the wet waste and used for cooking.

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