What’s In It For My School?

Adopting the programme does not mean that the most complex technological and scientific problems that our planet faces today will be fixed instantly. It is too big a task. But it will:

  • Spur the growth of a more environmentally aware and responsible generation of citizens;
  • Equip resourceful teachers to foster environmental literacy;
  • Help every member of the school community understand the scope and significance of his or her role in the sustainable use of natural resources within the school campus;
  • Nudge everyone to get on with the job.


  • The Green Schools Programme helps move beyond words, jargons and intentions to practices that CSE believes in. It benchmarks a school’s performance as environmental managers. The audit measures impact and motivates participants to work towards change.
  • The monitoring process is participatory and transparent. It encourages teachers to convert audit tasks into assignments for students. The initiative-based tasks also test student’s skills of communication and analysis.
  • It helps schools record their available resources and trains students to collect information systematically to feed and ease up the analysis process.
  • The analysis of post-audit information can be used by a network of schools or by city or state governments to do a comparative evaluation so that best practices can be shared.
  • The audit equips school managements to skillfully manage their available resources for optimum utilization and become Green Schools.