Analysis, Rating & Reporting

GSP has launched an analytics platform to track the environmental performance of schools. With the data collected, we will shift from counting inputs and outputs to helping schools measure sustainable impact over a period of five years. The data-driven indicators will help participating schools track the environmental value of their work and understand their own impact within and outside their school premises. The environmental dashboard will provide schools the baseline to quantify their year-on-year environmental accomplishments with a richer, story-driven measure of impact. If schools fall short of the standards, they will be guided to improve their environmental footprints. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

With the audit now available online, analytics will:

  • Help compare the performance of schools in various districts and states, as well as measure the overall performance of schools in India;
  • Help schools plug existing gaps to minimize the use of natural resources;
  • Help get accurate data.

The GSP rating will be valid for three years.