Green Schools Network

Even before you start the audit process, join the Green Schools Network. It is a conglomeration of schools that have participated in the GSP (Green Schools Programme) audit or attended a training workshop organized by the GSP team or invited the GSP team to interact with your students, etc. Every school conducting the audit is eligible to be a member of the network. As a member, you get access to the monthly fun activities and various other resource materials on environment education.

We are pleased to inform you that the registration for the GSP Audit 2020  is now open. The opening date of GSP Audit 2020  will be announced on our website, http://www.greenschoolsprogramme.org. So, please go ahead and register now (if you haven’t already) at https://greenschoolsprogramme.org/audit/20/register or click the button given below:

Audit 2020 Registration

NOTE: Due to COVID 19, GSP Audit for Schools is currently on hold. However, schools that are part of the network will be informed about its launch as and when it happens. Once registered, GSP Network Schools will also be informed regarding the other ongoing online events of GSP as well as GSP [email protected]