GSP Audit@Home: Energy Managers 2022

An online energy audit that you can do in your homes

Greetings from the Green Schools Programme (GSP) of Centre for Science and Environment!

We are well aware that rising carbon emissions are a major contributor to the changing climate. We need to increase our energy efficiency and drastically replace our use of fossil fuels with some renewable energy sources. The decisions we make now will undoubtedly affect the future. It is up to us to start the change from the comfort of our own homes as a result. Extreme weather occurrences are one of the many effects of accelerating climate change and global warming that we are already seeing.

GSP created the Audit@Home programme, which takes into account our dwellings, with this pertinent issue in mind. This year again, in response to requests from students and schools, we are happy to introduce our unique and enjoyable method of auditing our homes to see how they do in terms of energy management.

This audit will help you answer questions like how much energy (electricity) do our homes use up? What are we doing for saving energy at home? Do we use any renewable sources (like solar) for generating power?

You might ask, but why should we consume less energy, or use renewable sources. The answer is simple: non-renewable energy production (using oil or coal) contributes to climate change. Did you know that globally, for every unit of electricity consumed, 800 gram to 1 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) – which is a greenhouse gas — gets released into the atmosphere? If the monthly consumption of your household is 450 units of electricity, this can add up to 450 kg of CO2 emissions – that is a lot of carbon emissions which you are throwing out into the environment!

Now imagine that your house is operating completely on solar energy: you would save on over 5,000 kg of carbon emissions in a year!

Our brand new home audit exercise will help you rate your energy practices and adapt greener ones in your homes. What’s more, you will also have more information and knowledge on your fingertips about how to save the environment by managing energy!

For participation and the instructions for the Audit, please click here: https://greenschoolsprogramme.org/audit/Audit@Home/ The last date to submit the audit survey is Friday, December 30, 2022.

Participation in the audit is free. Ideally, it can be taken by students of Grades 5 to 10, but other students are also welcome to participate. It takes seven to 10 days to observe the household practices and answer the questions that the audit is asking. You can take help from your teachers or family members in completing the survey.

All of you who successfully submit the audit survey will be given personalised scorecards – a detailed report that tells how environmentally sustainable your energy practices are and how those can be improved!

Schools from which we receive the highest number of submissions will be featured in the Young Environmentalist website! So, share the survey with all your friends and encourage them to submit it.

Get started now! Join hands with us in Team GSP to make your home a better, ‘greener’ place!

For any queries, you can write to us at: [email protected]

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