What’s The Goal?

You may be contributing a lot to the protection of the environment in small ways. Imagine if all your little ideas were spread to like-minded teachers who want to contribute to this cause. That’s what our objective is. On the community website, you can spread your green ideas, update your peers on your latest green activity, post, share, like and even comment. Each member will be the keeper of the website, and it is with active engagement from each of you that the GSP community portal will come alive and progress towards our common goal to conserve the environment.

The site has been designed such that it is easy-to-navigate, interactive and feature-rich. You can post pictures of groups taking part in green activities, latest news about new practices, fun facts or trivia to make the community vibrant and drive environmental consciousness. With support from each of you, we want to ensure that the GSP community becomes a powerful platform for teachers to expand their knowledge of sustainable practices, interact with like-minded people, impart the knowledge to students and children and create a lively civic/green movement that will have the power to bring about change on the ground level. Thus, from offline, we move to online – which means if you want to organize a clothes donation drive or a cleanliness drive in your school or neighbourhood, the portal can be used to mobilise your peers and neighbours!!