GSP Audit 2016

For the first time ever, the GSP environment audit will be available online. Schools now have the option to either complete the printed manual or submit the data online. Submitting the data online will make the work easier for schools and, more importantly, save paper! The online version will also have features to upload photographs, certificates and other supporting documentation to demonstrate the school’s environment performance.

GSP Audit 2016 will focus on Water and Sanitation.

Water is one of the most stressed resources on our planet. Severe pollution of surface water sources (rivers, lakes and wells), depletion and contamination of groundwater, recurring droughts, large-scale mismanagement of water and wastewater – all these have combined to lead to a situation where experts have begun warning of imminent ‘wars over water’. Schools and their students can lead from the front in turning the tide. We want students to discover the forgotten practice of rainwater harvesting and learn to conserve water responsibly.

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